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Part number




D1255 Alpha Keypad

D1252 D1252A Alpha Keypad

K2010-10 Access Token

K20271-13 Access Card*

D8231-10 Wiegand Card

K3011 Stanley Bosch Proximity Card

K2001 Card Reader

K2100 4 Door controller (used)

VDA-455TBL Dome

VDN495V03-20 Camera

D202A Keypad 

D1252A Keypad for D8112

D1260 Keypad for 7000/9000

D625 Keypad for D6412

NX-705 Quickbridge Repeater

NX-1448E Keypad Caddx

60-248-SC Keypad

60-774 input module Caretaker

SCMB Motherboard

D8105 CPU Only

D420 Keypad

D4112 Panel

D2112 Panel

D5000 Programmer

FA116 Programmer

APC-AMC-4WCF Controllers

APS-PBC-60 Power supply

IMSOC10-1 Camera


7N-UD11001R1 Converter

WHE-800LGK Logic Board

T28140 Transformer

T16100220 Transformer

T2885 Transformer

XFRMR T-12V5A Transformer

AMC-1 Money Clip

OLS75 Power Supply

D8128A Zone Expander

D8128B Zone Expander

D8128D Zone Expander

D128 Dual Phone Line module

D192C Initiating circuit module

GE 60-767 Expansion


D9000/D7000 control panels

D8112 control panels

Readykey Access system

Same as K2010-10/K2011

Standard Wiegand Card

Proximity ISO Card

Used 90 day warranty

Used 90 day warranty

Bosch tinted FlexiDome (new)

Camera only no enclosure(used)

Bosch (used) for D2112 D2212

Radionics 8112(refurbished)

Bosch (Refurbished)

New 90 day warranty

CaddX (New)

NetworX series (New)

Caretaker panels (new,used)

8 Zone Module (new)

Wheelock (New)

Radionics CPU for D8112 (used)

Radionics for D4112 (used)

Radionics D4112 (used)

Radionics D2112 (used)

Radionics Programmer (used)

Inovonics Programmer(used)

Bosch Access Control (new)

Bosch Access Control (new)

Pelco dome camera (new)

Bosch 9 Channel (used)

Lantronix serial to Ethernet (usd)

For S&K Alarm (new)

Altronix (new)

Altronix (new)

Altronix (new)

Alarm-SAF (new)

Ademco 264 Money Clip (new)

Altronix (new)

Radionics 7000/9000 B1 (used)

For Radionics D8112G2 (used)

For Radionics GV Series (new)

For Radionics 8000 (used)

For 8112,9112,7212 (new,used)

For Advent Fire Panel (new)


$145.00 (new)

$109.00 (refurbished)

$69.90 for 10

$69.90 for 10

$25.00 for 10

$54.00 for 10


$174.95 (less power supply)




































*Our K20271-13 access card is 100% compatible with the K2001, K2001P, K2002, K2003, D8201 and the D8203.

We have a huge inventory of new, used and factory refurbished Radionics and Bosch Security System Parts. Call 800-457-1999 if you need a part not listed here.

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