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Readykey® Access Control System

*     Simple to Use and Manage

*     Modular Expansion

*     Integration with Fire Alarm And Security Alarm Systems


The Readykey access control card access system is an easy, proven way of controlling who has access to your property, and when. The Readykey system, relied on by corporations, government agencies, data processing centers, and financial institutions around the world, is based on touch-free access control. It allows authorized people to pass through protected areas without using mechanical locks and keys, or inserting cards into slots. Using the Microsoft Windows operating system, Readykey for windows makes system administration even easier. This PC-based system brings user-familiarity and simplicity to the administration of an access control system. As an authorized Readykey access control dealer National Security Systems has many options for your card access needs.

Multi-site/ Multi-PC Capability

The Readykey system allows you to centrally administer hundreds of remote locations worldwide from one or multiple PC's. Using standard dial-up phone lines, remote systems are linked to the Readykey system using modems, fiber optics, microwave, and radio links.

RISSC System

Radionics' Readykey Information Security System for Computers (RISSC) is the answer to the computer industry's biggest concern - security. The threat of having an intruder access confidential information is just as frightening for a small company as it is for the government. The invader could be a regular guy in a nearby cubicle, or a professional hacker living abroad. Until now, individuals, businesses, and even the government were targets of trespassers. Not anymore. With RISSC, you can be in control of who reads what and when. 

Radionics/Bosch Security Systems System Integration

The Readykey Access Control System can be easily integrated with the Radionics D7412G or D9412G Security System to provide a fully functional integrated security solution. Both the Radionics alarm panel and the access control system remain fully functional when integrated. This integration capability allows the end-user to enter the building and automatically disarm their alarm system by simply presenting an electronic ID to a reader.

K2100/ K1100 and the new K2200/K1200 Door Controllers

The Readykey door controller is available as a four door K2100 and K2200 or a two door version K1100 or K1200. All controllers may be used as a master, remote master or network unit. It is compatible with all of the Readykey for Windows administration systems, or can be used as a stand-alone system programmed locally from the front panel.

Radionics dealer Readykey K2100 K2200 National Security Systems

K6100 Readykey for Windows

Readykey for Windows is an easy-to-use PC administration system operating under Microsoft Windows. When connected to Readykey door controllers it allows easy administration of electronic cards and keys, doors and alarms.

K6100-MS Central Network Controller

The K6100-MS is a multi-site system and can control over 4500 doors on hundreds of remote sites. It can administer up to 18,000 users per site and operates using a PC based administration system. The multi-site version is designed to control access in multiple buildings from one central location, often separated by many miles.

Readykey Readers

A full range of access readers is available. Vandal resistant K2002 or K3002, low profile K2001 or K3001, mullion mount K2003 or K3003, and reader with PIN K2001P. The Wiegand Interface allows the connection of any reader with a Wiegand output to a Readykey system.

Readykey dealer K2001 K2002 K2003 K3001 K3002 K3003

Electronic ID Devices

The most convenient part of the Readykey systems is the electronic ID device. Available either as an ID card or electronic key, the ID device is embedded with an encoded chip. When held within a few inches of the reader, the code is read. Here at National Security Systems we carry both the Readykey access control cards and the key fobs (or tokens). To place and order call 800-457-1999 for pricing please see our online store by clicking here. The part number for the Readykey access cards is K2017-13 (replaces the K2011-10) and now carries a limited lifetime warranty. The part number for the Readykey key fobs (or tokens) is K2010-10.


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